Julia Felicia - GILDED BRASS Magic of the Bee Talisman Necklace with Australian Opals (JF65MBNGB)

by: Julia Felicia Jewellery

This bee pendant is 100% handmade, lovingly hand carved and cast in highest quality Brass which is then gilded in 18K pure Gold. Measuring 3.5 cm between wing tips and 1.8cm from stinger tip to antenna, this little Bee weighs about 6.5 g (without the chain). Fitted with Australian Opals as pollen baskets, this bee comes with the JFJ Classic Gold Trace Chain (gold plated silver) which includes the JFJ infinity logo and can be comfortably adjusted between 44 and 55 cm.

This necklace is a great gift for anyone who loves bees. As a critical species to our planet and the humble servant of our eco systems – not to mention the makers of the sweet liquid gold of honey ;) – the bees are extraordinary creatures worthy to be cherished and celebrated. A beautiful and unique little pendant, this Bee is carved with great love for the craft and attention to detail. With her hands clasps together in a posture of gratitude, she is buzzing with love. Share your love of bees and promote awareness of bees and how we can help them thrive! <3

Comes gift wrapped in luxurious Julia Felicia Jewellery packaging, with a Magic of the Bee flip tag and a mini secret message in a bottle!


"Follow the sweet scent of nectar"

~ luck, synchronicity, abundance, prosperity ~

Celebrate the natural abundance, richness and beauty of life. The generous perfection of the universe allows each and every one of us to enjoy unlimited resources of wealth, health and happiness. If we choose, nothing is there to limit the abundant flow of prosperity waiting to flow into our lives. We are all wealthy, and blessed beyond imagination.

Bee lives in the present moment, in an active state of service fuelled by love. Spending her days amongst colourful flowers, she peacefully gathers the sweet nectar, not just for herself, but for the new generations to come. Perhaps even without knowing, Bee maintains and upholds an entire eco system, and her work is cherished by all.

Like nature, the universe is perfect, and thriving is our natural state of being. Each soul has a divine purpose and an extraordinary gift to share. When we all do what we love, there is only room for more gratitude, love and sharing. An endless positive cycle endures, where we feel blessed and fortunate every day to be able to be who we truly are while also being of service, and sharing our honey with the world. What a greater blessing can there be?

Bee invites you to...

Celebrate the infinite bounty wanting to come your way. Stay grateful for the blessings already present! Live your life in service to the world. Follow your heart's sacred bliss.

Jewellery Care:

We only use Australian Opal which is a stable opal and won't get damaged by water. Opals are however a little softer than other stones (about the hardness of glass) and need to be taken well care of to avoid scratches. Although the way the opals are positioned on this specific little bee makes scratching them rather difficult, we recommend avoiding heavy labouring and other intense physical activities while wearing it.

To keep your bee necklace in optimal condition, remove before swimming or showering. We also recommend that you put it on last, after any sprays, lotions or perfumes. Gold plated items naturally wear down depending on the frequency of use, how well you care for them and on factors such as the chemical composition and oiliness of your skin. Even the climate and humidity of the environment makes a difference. This necklace has had its gold plating is done in a more traditional way and with a thicker layer of gold compared to most gold plated items. This is because we want your jewellery to last you a long time.

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