Julia Felicia - GILDED BRASS Flying Fish Power Amulet Necklace (JF65FFNGB)

by: Julia Felicia Jewellery

This Flying Fish pendant is 100% handmade, lovingly hand carved and cast in highest quality Brass and plated with a high quality coating of gold. Weighing about 9.7 g, the Flying Fish comes with the JFJ Classic Curb Chain which includes the JFJ infinity logo and can be comfortably adjusted between 44 and 55 cm. 

This highly original Flying Fish necklace depicts a fish with wings, carrying an eight-pointed star with the infinity symbol, which, as the story goes, he has picked from the sky to prove that anything is possible. This synchronicity-enveloped pendant is carved with great love for the craft and attention to detail, and can be worn by both men and women regardless of age. Spread your wings to infinity and beyond!

Comes gift wrapped in luxurious Julia Felicia Jewellery packaging, with a Flying Fish Power Amulet flip tag and a mini secret message in a bottle!


~ triumph, breakthrough, transformation, expansion ~

Our wildest, highest, most magical dreams, the ones that make our hearts leap with joy and fill us with energy, are true. Our heart’s very own, most precious desires, are the desire of the universe too. They were placed there with purpose, so that no matter how lost we become, we know who we are, and our way home.

Flying Fish didn’t have wings to start with. Lost at sea, he spent his life searching for who he really was. One night, he popped his nose through the ocean waves, discovering an infinite sky covered in diamonds. Pulling him upwards, the stars called him, out into a world where he could finally breath. With his purest heart, he made his wish, and so it was... As if by magic, silk like wings unfolded like cosmic petals from his body. Flying Fish flew all through the universe to the farthest reaches of the galaxies. Finally, he found his very own special star, which he picked with his mouth.

Every time we see him now, we are reminded of the truth that he found – that anything is possible, and that there truly is no limit to our experience. We can all fly to infinity and beyond, and back again, if we choose to believe.

Flying Fish invites you to...

Believe in yourself and that anything is possible Take a risk and act on your highest dreams Spread your wings and fly

*Transcend Limitations & Initiate Breakthrough*

*All of a sudden everything IS possible, and real Magic starts to happen...* 

*Your Flying Fish Amulet of Transformation*

This highly original Flying Fish Amulet is not only unique and beautiful, but imbued with deep symbolism and intent. Wearable by both males and females, this pendant is a versatile piece of jewellery which compliments a wide range of styles and tastes. Timeless in design, it unites an ancient mystical essence with modern surrealist and progressive notes. With aesthetic parallels to the cross in its geometry, the Flying Fish is just like this Christian symbol one which tells a story of Faith, Transcendence and Resurrection. Yet it does not portray the structure on which the Divine Child was crucified, but rather the Divine Child itself, in full Triumph, crowned with the Light - the star and proof from the Heavens, that Nothing is Impossible and that Dreams do come True.

*As Above - So Below. Manifest Your Dreams! *

The Flying Fish Amulet encapsulates some of the most fundamental Truths of Life - that All is One, and One is All - as Above, so Below - and that We All have inherent in us the Power to rise up through and transcend any amount of pain, suffering or darkness. Like a Shining Star, we can draw the Light from within our internal Well of Light and inspire ourselves and others to Believe in our abilities and dreams, embrace who we are in all our Uniqueness and dare to take the leap into the unknown, trusting the Divine Power which always holds us no matter what.

*Believe in Your Truth and Value, Treasure Your Own Self*

It takes Courage to stay strong where darkness pervades, and in order to succeed we need to Rise Above judgement and unconstructive criticism derived from closed hearts or limited world-views, Open our Minds and consciously stretch the boundaries of what we Believe to be possible. We need to Go Within and really listen to our Hearts and Soul's calling. We have to constantly remind ourselves of, follow and focus on our very own Magic Joy and Excitement. We have to go after what we want and Never Give Up! We have to keep on swimming and realize that We are the architects of our Realities and as Magicians (T1*) boldly go forward with our Soul's intent and manifest our Highest Dreams. This means implementing the spiritual into the physical, thus bridging the Above and the Below. This is Life Time Work and takes continuous Endurance, Passion and Discipline, meaning we have to distill or Willpower and build Stamina and Integrity. However it all starts with one Step, one Intention...and for that we need Faith. We have to throw our fishhooks in to the night sky, and patiently wait, in Unconditional Faith. (T17*)

"Take the First Step in Faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King Jr.

*Be Playful*

The way to Evolution and Transcendence requires us to work hard not to work so hard. Flying Fish shows us that if we only allow our Imagination, Optimism and Playfulness to blossom in our lives life becomes all the more malleable and playfully flexible. All of a sudden everything IS possible, and real Magic starts to happen... :)

*Having swum in the deepest of depths and in the muddiest of waters, this Fish has like a Lotus arisen from the darkness to blossom with life force... like a seed, germinating underground, he has sprouted and burst into the Light of Day. Having been through the deepest folds of emotional pain, he has risen above all limitations through the Healing Power of Faith in Himself, the Universe and his dreams... Faith that his dreams are meaningful and created for him to follow even if it seems impossible or even if the Whole World seems against him...*

*The Story of The Flying Fish*

When creating this Flying Fish Power Amulet I wanted to make one piece of Jewellery that I would like to wear forever. It is a Testament of Love and Gratitude to my Soul's relentless delving into the secret depths and its pursuit of hidden knowledge, to my own journey through Life and the most Sacred Gems of Wisdom I have been blessed to be Inspired by. The Flying Fish tells a story which is Universal to All of Us, representing the struggle of Human Kind through pain and suffering, and finally our Glorious Victory. It tells the story of the fragile, lost, terribly weird and awkward, displaced, insecure Soul who despite outer circumstances defiantly gathers and clings on to the small sparks of light found in the midst of Darkness. The Soul who dares to feel and breathe something magical and transcendental beyond the ordinary, beyond vision, touch or smell or the five physical senses, and boldly clings on those tiny little sparks, pulling from within them the trails of lights slowly interweaving and leading the way... The soul who stubbornly follows this path in spite of ridicule and isolation, bullying and depression. The Flying Fish is ode to the Souls who dare to commit to unfolding their innermost beautiful Unique Diamond Selves, the Souls who make space for themselves and Sacrifices for what they know to be the Truth...the Souls who DARE to Metamorphosize... the Rebels, the Explorers, the Eternal Children.

*Once Upon a Time...*

Deep down in the dark ocean, there lived a Little Fish. Within the caves and crevices of the Misty Blue, he had always roamed. No memories of anything but the vastness of the ocean, which pushed and pulled him with its Mother Moon Tides. Rocking him like a baby, the Ocean would whisper, in a language long forgotten...

Darkness was broken by the rays of light, which trickled and streamed down from a dancing Kaleidoscope Sky. Even if just for a moment, they painted his world into life, into colour, and into warmth, playfully rippling across the ocean floor... igniting him.

Little Fish somehow knew that the source of the Light was buried inside the Ocean Sky. Within his dreams, he glimpsed the Far Beyond, where rainbows and galaxies of wondrous miracles of the cosmos danced in Divine Symphonies.... Intangible visions and sensations entranced and transported him, reminding him of a distant home...

Navigating the Falls of Light, Little Fish finally reached the End of The World. But as he poked his nose through the surface of the Ocean Sky, he broke the surface into a vacuum of death. Terrified yet Free, he glimpsed that Far above him Light continued, sprinkled like shining pebbles over a distant Sea Bed - the World Upside-Down.

Through many small moments, and in some senses still, Little Fish gathered all of his power. In deep prayer, at last he took a breath, closed his eyes and flew. Golden wings had enveloped his body, unfolding like flowers, and firmly set sails. Racing faster than the speed of light, Little Fish swam for eons outside space, through timelessness and chaos, through all layers of manifestation and all orders of intelligence there was to , at least for now. As he reached the End, Little Fish picked his very own star, and until this day, he still carries it in his mouth. On it is inscribed the sign of infinity, a symbol his Journey between the Two Worlds.

Nothing is impossible if you believe, and have faith.

Wherever you are starting from, you can go wherever you want, and the Divine Light inside of you will always guide the way. Flying Fish is here to deliver the Good News.

*Tarot Symbolism*

- T1* Tarot Card "The Magician", No 1 Card of The major Arcana

The Flying Fish carries the Energy of The Magician, the ultimate Manifestor and Creator of Realities. The Force of Initiation, The One as The One. Crowned with the Infinity Sign over his head, The Magician Represents Single-pointed Consciousness and Mastery of the Elements. He shows us our nature as channels for Spirit to flow through, as Bridges between Above and Below. The direction of this energy is Up, as the direction of the Flying Fish.

- T17* Tarot Card "The Star", No 17 Card of The Major Arcana.

The Flying Fish carries the energy of The Star - Revelation through Meditation. Drawing ideas from the Universal Unconscious. "Fishhook" is the keyword for The Star, and represents the Faith and Intention we throw out into the Ocean of the Universe, patiently awaiting our answers. The numerological vibration of this card is 1+7=8, and 8 eight-pointed stars are shown across the sky. The Star is about revelation, personal transformation, inspiration and faith in our inner sense of Purpose for our Lives.

Jewellery Care:

To keep your Flying Fish necklace in optimal condition, remove before swimming or showering. We also recommend that you put it on last, after any sprays, lotions or perfumes. Gold plated items naturally wear down depending on the frequency of use, how well you care for them and on factors such as the chemical composition and oiliness of your skin. Even the climate and humidity of the environment makes a difference. This necklace has had its gold plating is done in a more traditional way and with a thicker layer of gold compared to most gold plated items. This is because we want your jewellery to last you a long time.

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