Order Related

May I cancel my order after making payment?

All orders are confirmed after payment is made. No cancellation or refund to the order is allowed. Kindly ensure all items are correct before making payment for your order.

May I amend my order after it has been confirmed and paid for?

As we process all orders once payment is confirmed, we are unable to amend your order once you have paid for it. Kindly follow the necessary steps to request for an Exchange if required. You may also email us at orders@therapymarket.com.sg for assistance on confirmed orders.

How do I apply the discount code?

You can key the discount code in the field "Discount Code" at the checkout page before placing your order. Please ensure that all information is correct before confirming your order. We are unable to refund you the discounted amount code if you have missed it when checking out.  

I am unable to use the discount code.

Please check if:

  • The coupon has expired
  • Coupon/voucher Code is for one time use only
  • One coupon/voucher code per order
  • The coupon may not be applicable for the item in your cart for instance, if it is a sale item

What should I do if I face technical problems while placing an order?

Our website is compatible with most browsers and mobile devices. Should you face any technical errors, please restart the browser and clear the cache before logging in to your account. If you continue to face problems, please send a screenshot of the error to hello@therapymarket.com.sg and we will assist you with it.

What is the procedure for exchanges/returns?

Please refer to this page for the acceptable terms.

Payment Related

What currency are the prices on the website listed in?

All prices on our site are listed in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Why can't my payment be processed?

Your credit card may be rejected or payment is not processed due to any of the following reasons:

  • Your card may have expired. Check that your card is still valid.
  • You may have reached your credit limit. You could contact your bank to check that you have not exceeded the authorized purchase limit.
  • You may have entered some incorrect information. Do check that you have filled in all the required fields correctly.
  • You should call your bank for further clarification if the above does not solve this problem.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Currently, we only accept payments made via Paypal, which allows debit/credit card payments even without a Paypal account. For other payment methods, please email hello@therapymarket.com.sg

Account Related

I have problems logging in to my account?

You might have entered an incorrect password. If you are unable to recall your password, please click on the "Forget Password" link and we will send you an automatically generated password to your registered email. Also, please add hello@therapymarket.com.sg to your email address book to prevent the email from landing in your junk or spam folder.

Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

Your personal information is kept private and confidential. We do not share or sell your personal information with any third parties. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy in full.