Julia Felicia - BRASS Secret of the Turtle Talisman Pendant (JF65STTPB)

by: Julia Felicia Jewellery

This highly original turtle pendant is 100% handmade, lovingly hand carved and cast in highest quality Brass, which is delicately finished to bring out the beaut of the material, contrasting a lustrous high shine with a matte, soft texture. Measuring 3.3 cm between flipper tips and 3.7cm from top to tail, the Turtle Talisman Pendant weighs about 15g. The outer shell of the turtle depicts an unfolding rose bud, while the inside of the shell reveals a joyous little baby - the hidden surprise.

Comes gift wrapped in luxurious Julia Felicia Jewellery packaging, with a flip tag and a mini secret message in a bottle!

*Let the universe take you, and carry you on its waves, onto the glorious current of Your Soul's Highest Destiny…*

*Your Loving Turtle Friend*

This stunning two-fold pendant is not only beautiful to look at but astonishing in its creative design. Stylish and timeless, the sought-after motif of the Turtle is here conveyed in a never-before seen combination with the classical symbol of the rose. Sophisticatedly charming, this elegant pendant can be effortlessly worn to both festive, professional and casual occasions, and makes a beautiful companion to wearers of all ages. Its serene feeling and soothing design makes a unique addition to any look.

At 33x37mm and 14.5g this is a slightly heavy pendant which intentionally places a loving touch of pressure on your sacred heart area. With a delicate presence, the Turtle Talisman Pendant really strikes the balance between being humbly discreet and attention-grabbing. Wear it with a plain black, white or block colour to really let it stand out and be accentuated, or let it gently linger among organic patterns and jungles of colour. Resting preciously on your chest, the lustrous shine of the gorgeous Turtle Shell/Rose Bud sparkles beautifully on the skin and can really bring out the most magnificent glow in the wearers complexion.

*A Unique Piece...*

Wearing this piece, one often gets approached by on-lookers who, attracted by the beautiful turtle design also notice something more special about this pendant - maybe they notice the leaf-shaped flippers or the flower bud shell. Nevertheless, there is something intuitively harmonious between the beautiful Rose and the wise Turtle - a quiet radiance, mysteriously inviting, serene, and peaceful. The hidden element of the baby in the shell cradle adds a sweet, playful touch, while drawing parallels to the universally recognised Baby Jesus, or the cross-legged little Buddha. With its raised arms it adds a feeling of childlike joy and celebration - a pure and sunny confidence as seen in children - our own playful Self, our sacred Inner Child.

*The Secret of the Turtle…*

The Secret of the Turtle Talisman Pendant aims to serve as a reminder of the untouchable secret and truth within your heart, of your magical inner child and the sacred journey of Self Discovery eagerly awaiting to be explored. It aims to remind you of the playful ease and flow inherent in all of us - of the natural and supreme intelligence of Play which drives us all from birth. It aims to encourage us to follow our excitement - what makes our hearts sing - and surf life's waves with childlike wonder and purity.

*Allow the unfolding of You, and the miraculous treasures within Your heart.. Open up to the mysteries, and let the ecstatic joy of your inner child, guide you to places you never dreamed were possible… Surrender to the flow, and to your heart.*

*The Journey of the Turtle*

The tiny little freshly hatched turtle starts her life deep down in the sand. In the dark she is digging for days until she finally crawls out in the moon light. Faced by many predators both on land and in the sky, only about half of the turtle babies manage to reach the ocean alive. The young turtle then goes on one of Earth's longest and most extraordinary journeys taken by any living creature on this planet. Its journey spans all around the globe, crossing from continent to continent, only to finally arrive right back at their birth place, on the original beach where their ancestors have been going for thousands of years. Here they complete this incredible cycle by laying their very own eggs. Year after year, they take their long journey, always returning to the same spot.

The Turtle has one big secret which makes this incredible journey possible - it uses the ocean's natural currents as super highways taking it right around the globe. In this way, the life of the turtle can be seen as a metaphor of our own soul's journey. Born in the dark, we struggle through the unknown, but through the inner guiding light we know our way, to where we belong. Through sheer will power and complete trust in our inner guidance, we reach the ocean, where we navigate entirely by our higher senses, until we find the blissful current. Here the water is warm and we can finally rest, as the our mother ocean, earth, sun and moon - the cosmos - takes us exactly where we need to be. All we need to do is keep listening inwards and make adjustments to our course.

Turtles are one of the most ancient animal species, and have roamed the world's oceans for over 100 million years. They live to be very old, with the Sea Turtles life averaging around 80-100 years. Due to their old age and strong sense of intuition and awareness, Turtles have come to represent ancient wisdom and spiritual maturity. The Turtle invites us to go within for answers, and to listen to our inner guidance. Another symbolism reflecting this is the way Turtle uses a shell. Their home follows them, wherever they go. Regardless of the circumstances, they always have their own inner sanctuary to go to, to hide and to protect themselves, when they feel vulnerable. Once inside, nothing can harm them. The turtle's shell can be seen to represent healthy personal boundaries, an untouchable inner oasis where we can always go within. A turtle won't fight, it will simply go within itself, yet if disrespected, it might state its integrity with a bite from its sharp beak… So don't mess with the turtle!

*Connect with the spirit of Turtle and learn her Secrets*

  • Reaching to ocean, and its currents take time, but Turtle is no no hurry - she knows she will get there eventually if she just keeps on swimming. Have patience. Never give up.
  • Turtle will adapt and make a home in any surrounding, and is not afraid to travel the world. Be brave, and flexible.
  • Turtle is a master of going with the flow, and navigates with her own Inner Compass. Go inside, listen, and trust.

*Turtle invites you to Follow Your Bliss*

*Secret of the Turtle, The Rose & The Child*

The shell of the Turtle is your Inner Sanctuary. It is your internal place of Peace, Light and Love within your own heart and soul. The Rose Bud furthers this symbolism and paints the picture of your heart and soul evolving, growing and blossoming into its full potential and radiant beauty. The energy field of the Rose is the most powerful out of any living flower on the planet, with its essential oil vibrating at a rate of 320 megahertz of electrical energy. This is about 200 megahertz higher than any of the next highest vibrational flower species. It is said that Angels and Divine Forces find roses one of the easiest flowers to connect with, and that the Rose often is used as a gateway of connection to humans. The Secret of the Turtle Pendant opens this gateway for the Divine, which is already within us, and invites Divine Love and Miracles to enter and unfold into our lives. If we allow it, Love and Light is always waiting to assist us.

Within the delicate bud of the Rose, made strong and resilient through the spirit of the Turtle, our Inner Divine Child surfs the waves of Bliss. Naked and pure, the child is an expression of our own True Selves - Being of Light exploding with Joy and Love.. excited to learn, experience and evolve, all through play, laughter and dance. With arms raised high, it is seemingly controlling the Turtles flippers like sails or rods, flying through the Cosmos at super speed, yet all the while at complete rest - with legs crossed in seated position. The sanctuary within the Turtle is not only a cradle, but the most intelligent vehicle for transportation. With a channel directly connected to the crown of the Baby's head, instruction and controlling of this vehicle is 100% synchronised and psychic.

*The Secret of the Turtle Pendant invites you to hand over the reins to the Inner Child, to unafraid face the ocean currents and prepare to go on the most incredible journey of Self-Discovery, unfolding your Heart and Soul, and Blossoming into Bliss.*

Jewellery Care:

Wear your Turtle with confidence and watch it age beautifully! No need to take it off before swimming or showering, your worn in pendant will develop a beautiful patina from the natural oxidising of the brass. However, you can also return it to its original sheen at any time if you so choose, using tooth paste or lemon juice and baking soda. A quick google will show you many excellent ways to do this. In general, keeping your silver dry as much as possible will prevent it from oxidising.

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