HPF - Organic Moringa Tea Bags

by: Himalayan Premium Foods

Known as "The Queen of Green", Himalayan Organic Moringa Tea is roasted and slightly twisted curled leaves are grown and nurtured on the mid-hills of Nepal. Moringa Green Tea is full of nutrients, it has 2 times more protein than milk, 4 times more calcium than milk, 4 times more Vitamin A than in carrot and it can combat malnutrition. It has a delicious fine and clean flavour, a tinge of sweetness and a tinge of smoky earthiness and aroma of roasted leaves.

Contains 24 Tea Bags

Benefits of Moringa Tea:

  • Helps in managing weight
  • Protects liver against infection
  • Helps in treating cancer
  • Aids in treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases
  • Helps to treat sickle cell disease
  • Protects against retinal disease
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Prevents formation of kidney stones
  • Prevents wrinkles and slows premature again of skin
  • Rich in anti-allergies, antifungal
  • Beneficial in managing diabetes and maintaining healthy heart
  • Effective in treating abdominal disorders such as constipation and gastrititis
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Reduce high blood pressure

How to make a good cup of tea:

Steep tea for 90 seconds to 2 minutes if you intend to steep several times. Enjoy the taste of tea after each steep. 

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