Julia Felicia - BRASS Elephant Power Talisman Ring (JF65EPRB)

by: Julia Felicia Jewellery

This finely detailed Elephant Ring is hand carved in wax and cast in highest quality Brass. It measures about 2.2cm from ear tip to ear tip and 3cm from top of the head to the bottom of the trunk, and weighs about 15g depending on size. This ring is known to be very soft and comfortable while worn, as well as surprisingly light feeling despite its weight. An open ring design, the wrap-around trunk can be gently adjusted to perfectly fit your finger. This is great when your fingers change size from temperature, or you feel like wearing it on another finger! Your elephant will always be comfy, and you don't have to fear it falling off! 

Elegantly bold, yet with a classic simplicity, this Elephant Ring seeks to carry the majestic, wise and heart-felt energy of the elephant. Due do its balanced design and comfortable feel it can easily become your favourite accessory, effortlessly complimenting a wide range of styles and tastes. It is also a unisex ring worn by many men and can be custom made to any size.

Comes gift wrapped in luxurious Julia Felicia Jewellery packaging, with an Elephant Power Talisman flip tag and a mini secret message in a bottle!

Designed by Julia Felicia, handmade in Indonesia


*Connect to the heart of the earth*

~ strength, wisdom, confidence, luck, success ~

Powerful, gentle and wise, the Elephant grazes the continents as a masterful teacher. An elder of the animal kingdom, its spirit anchors us into the power of the earth. The Elephant knows that great power requires great kindness and humility, and great strength calls for a great heart. This is why the Elephant embodies a natural sense of royalty, an integrity apparent to all.

When you know you are strong, you don't have to prove it, and when you know what is true, you have no need to defend your opinion – you simply know, and the sureness of your spirit radiates like a calm oasis. Resting in this natural confidence, your being become a magnet for all things great. Opportunities find you, and peace prevails throughout your path.

The Elephant reminds us that seeming obstacles are merely teachings – blessings in disguise waiting for us to learn exactly what we need to learn, at each given moment. Like Ganesha sacrificed one of his tusks for a higher cause, so we all gain the most wisdom from our greatest difficulties. Our unique experiences become our cherished gifts. Elephant is here to support, empower, and fill you with peace, love and trust – to remind you of your true, innate power, which you always had, and always will have.

Elephant invites you to...

Trust in your own power

Listen to your heart

Be strong

*Find your inner voice of wisdom, connect with your strength and overcome any obstacles with this power talisman ring*

*The magic of the elephant*

The elephant is first and foremost a very peaceful animal, gentle and with an incredible sense of family and kinship. It is one of the emotionally most intelligent species on earth, with an inner life so rich it reminds us greatly of ourselves. Elephants create friendships for life and have the most endearing ways of showing their affections for each other, celebrating, crying and mourning in observable rituals and ceremonies which involve detailed steps and processes. Elephants are very wise and intelligent animals with a real sense of intuition and a sixth sense, able to recognise a long deceased loved one just by discovering their skeletal remains. Through their well-developed foot soles, they can also communicate with each other from miles away. The elephant is also an extremely strong animal, and moves with a power almost incomprehensible until you meet them in real life, their every move carrying a force of nature humbling to the observer. Standing up to 4 meters (13 feet) tall and weighing up to 6.4 tonnes (14 000 pounds), the elephant is a most powerful presence.

Perhaps it is this combination of great power with great humility that move us so much about elephants. If you are very strong, you also have to be very kind. The elephant invites you to remain humble, realise your inner strength, and act from your heart. Or maybe it is their delightful playfulness, the way they take care of each other, their deep gentle eyes or their fantastic trunks! Maybe it is how incredibly graceful and dignified the elephant moves across Earth's grand landscapes, answering to no one but their own heart and inner sense of guidance.

*Elephant Wisdom*

In Hindu tradition, the elephant God Ganesha is widely worshipped and celebrated. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles and can help you face challenges and overcome them successfully. This elephant ring carries a trait of Lord Ganesha which is that one of his tusks has been broken and lost. Some say that this is a symbol for the sacrifices and suffering that Ganesha went through in order to gain his wisdom. In the Norse mythology of the Vikings, Odin likewise lost one of his eyes from staring so deeply into the Well of Wisdom. 

With its big ears, the elephant invites us to listen closely, both to ourselves and others. Aware of the subtlest of vibration going through the earth, it is deeply connected to its refined senses.

The element most strongly connected to the elephant is Earth, and in Yogic tradition it is often regarded as an animal representing the Muladhara, our Base/Root Chakra, the first chakra, located at the bottom of the spine. This chakra is said to be connected to the spiritual energies of our ancestors, their challenges and triumphs, a connection very familiar to the elephant, who not only is a family oriented animal with strong ties to its relatives, but who also is deeply psychic.

Embodying groundedness and stability, the elephant invites us to feel supported by the universe and trust. The elephant teaches us courage, resourcefulness and to keep our life force during the hardest of times. It teaches us to believe in ourselves, and be strong, to trust where we are, who we are and what we are.

“Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” - Lao Tzu

Jewellery Care:

Wear your Elephant with confidence and watch it age beautifully! No need to take it off before getting your hands wet, your worn in ring will develop a beautiful patina from the natural oxidising of brass. However, you can also return it to its original sheen at any time if you so choose, using tooth paste or lemon juice and baking soda. A quick google will show you many excellent ways to do this.

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