Hush Candle - Peppermint Orange Essential Oil Candle

by: Hush Candle

A light, refreshing scent with cool, crisp and sweet citrus notes that uplifts and invigorates the senses. 

We recommend burning this candle in the day to stimulate the mind for a productivity boost at work. The sharp, camphor notes of Peppermint is also great for clearing the respiratory tract, preventing migraines and nausea if you’re feeling under the weather. 

Hand-poured and made in Singapore.

Burn Time:
4 oz - 25 hours (suitable for small areas such as your bedside table, toilet, or kitchen counter)
8 oz - 50 hours (suitable for a bigger sized space such as a living room, or an entire bedroom)

Candle Care:

First Burn: When you first light your candle, allow the wax to melt all the way to the outer edges of the container. Allowing a full melt pool guarantees an even burn (no tunneling) and maximum scent throw.

Maximum Session Burn Times: Never burn a candle for longer than four hours at a time. If a candle is burnt for excessive periods without being allowed to re-solidify, the excessive heat will cause the essential oil to burn out faster than it should.

Best Before Date: As all our candles are scented with plant-based, all-natural essential oils, we highly recommend using them within six months from the date of purchase.

Putting Candles Out: Cover the candle with the lid to put the candle out. Blowing out a candle is not recommended as the wick may continue to glow and emit smoke.

Candle Displays: When creating decorative candle displays, candles should be separated from each other by a minimum of 10cm to prevent burn problems. Candles that are burnt too close together will affect each candle's burn quality.

Candle Storage: To ensure your candles are kept in optimum condition, keep them out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dark place.

Wick: We use 100% cotton, lead-free wicks. To provide the cleanest burn possible, trim your cotton wick to ¼ inch with a wick trimmer before lighting.

Half Inch Rule: Discontinue use of a candle when there is ½ inch of wax left at the bottom of the jar. This will prevent possible heat damage to the counter/surface, or the container itself.

Safety: Do not leave candles unattended and place away from children and pets. Always place candles on a heat-resistant base, and set on a leveled and stable surface.

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