JOIK Scented Wooden Beads - Primavera

by: JOIK

Luxurious scented wooden beads are perfect for perfuming small spaces like cars, wardrobes, drawers, bathrooms, etc.

They are scented with a fresh and gentle aroma of spring flowers gently veiled by citrus notes resting on a base of precious woods and a hint of fruit!

Made in Estonia


  • Place the beads (we recommend 4-8 beads) in a textile bag and hang in a car, wardrobe or bathroom
  • Add one or several beads to drawers, gym-bags or luggage
  • Remove the lid from the jar and place the jar on a shelf to diffuse the wonderful aroma
  • You can also leave the rest of the beads into the glass jar and use them once the first batch has lost its scent

Wooden beads are made of Estonian birchwood that comes from wood industry residue and are packed into an environmental friendly glass jar. The package includes 15 scented wooden beads and a textile bag for hanging them. 

Wooden beads can be re-scented.

The wooden beads diffuse aroma for approximately 2 months after opening the jar. The time can vary slightly depending on humidity and temperature.


Keep out of reach of children!

Beads may damage surfaces. Test before use.

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