Olja Pure Essential Oil - Cedarwood 10ml

by: Olja

Botanical Name: juniperus virginiana


  • Repel flea & moth
  • Alleviate occasional insomnia
  • Soothing effect on mood
  • May help reduce & soothe an itchy, flaking scalp
  • May improve hair growth

Aroma: nutty | woody | smoky

Feel: grounded | calm | warm

Origin: USA

Ingredient: 100% cedarwood (juniperus virginiana)

Plant Part: Wood

Method: Steam distilled

Family: Cupressaceae

Note: Middle-Base


Cedarwood is a dense slow-growing coniferous evergreen tree that may never become more than a bush on poor soil but is ordinarily from 5–20m tall, with a short trunk 30–100cm in diameter. The oldest tree reported, from West Virginia, was 940 years old.

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