Olja Pure Essential Oil - Blood Orange 10ml

by: Olja

Botanical Name: citrus sinesis


  • Relieve tension
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Generate feelings of security & promote communication
  • Uplift and enhance moodFacilitate flow of emotions that have been suppressed 
    or numbed

Aroma: sweet | tart | citrusy

Feel: invigorate | refresh | uplift

Origin: Italy

Ingredient: 100% blood orange (citrus sinesis)

Plant Part: Peel

Method: Cold pressed

Family: Rutaceae

Note: Top


Blood oranges originated in the southern Mediterranean, where they have been grown since the 18th century. They are a common orange grown in Italy. The anthocyanins that give the orange its distinct maroon colourwill only develop when temperatures are low at night, as during the Mediterranean fall and winter.

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