koqo - All Natural Mozz Repellent Spray 55ml

by: Koqo

A natural, safe, gentle yet effective & powerful mosquito/ bug repellent spray. Safe for kids 2 years & above. Can be used as an anti-bacterial / disinfectant spray too!

Light, small & travel size - so convenient to bring along with you anywhere! 100% All Natural. Deet-FREE! Alcohol-FREE.


distilled water, witch hazel, koqo pure essential oil blend (citronella, cedarwood, geranium , lemongrass, peppermint & orange), vitamin e oil & wet-milled coconut oil Enjoy the lovely scent with the benefits of Witch Hazel when you spray on your body. The special koqo blend of 100% essential oils help keep away the mozzies and bugs while you enjoy your outdoor activities or walks in the gardens with your children and pets.

How To Use:

Shake before use. Spray directly onto exposed skin and rub gently over skin. Re-apply every 3-5 hours for maximum protection. Useful Fact: Dengue is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes mosquito that typically attacks during day time. Its favorite spots are below the elbow and below the knee. This mosquito is most active during daylight, for approximately two hours after sunrise and several hours before sunset

Tip: You may use it as a room spray if you need one urgently because of the refreshing smell. Spray it inside dark cubicles of public restrooms (where mozzies usually lingers), to clean toilet seat covers & it helps with any bad odors especially when you travel.

Hand blended in Singapore.

Why koqo:

Small-batch production Community-based Smell the difference No fragrances No Parabens No Sulphates Our business supports teenage education & women empowerment through gainful employment in Bali. Your purchase helps change lives one bottle at a time!

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