JOIK - Anti-Age Rejuvenating Day Cream

by: JOIK

Rejuvenating day cream moisturizes, smoothes and protects skin from environmental stress.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and hyaluronic acid improve skin elasticity, minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, rebalance uneven skin tone, reduce discoloration and help to protect skin from UV damage.

Extracts from red clover and field horsetail improve skins collagen and elastin production and help to preserve skins youthfulness and vitality.

Buddleja davidii and edelweiss extracts act as strong anti-oxidants and skin regenerators, also protecting skin from city stress and pollution.

Mango butter, evening primrose oil, blackcurrant oil and rosehip oil moisturize and nourish, fight premature aging and restore skins natural glow.

50 ml / 1.69 fl oz (Made in Estonia)

Item on 50% discount: best used before January 2021


vitamin B3 – improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, rebalances uneven skin tone and reduces discoloration, helps to protect from UV damage • red clover extract – improves skins ability to produce collagen, helps to preserve skins youthfulness and vitality • field horsetail extract – an excellent source of vitamins B and C, zinc and magnesium, softens and smoothes skin, improves skins ability to renew • buddleja davidii extract – moisturizes and protects against city stress, a natural skin regenerator • edelweiss extract – a strong anti-oxidant, protects from environmental damages and against UV- rays, restores skins natural balance and reduces skins sensitivity • hyaluronic acid – one of the most powerful moisturizers, binds moisture and transports oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, promotes skin cell renewal and smooths fine lines and wrinkles • mango butter – a powerful anti-oxidant, rich in vitamins E and A, offers natural protection from UV-rays • evening primrose oil – anti-inflammatory, fights premature aging of the skin, helps to preserve skins elasticity • blackcurrant seed oil – a powerful source of vitamin C, repairs, moisturizes, nourishes and restores skins natural glow • rosehip seed oil – contains essential fatty acids, vitamins C and A, ideal for protecting skin and increasing cell turnover, reduces discoloration and helps in repairing sun damage


Apply a small amount of cream on face and neck and gently massage into skin. Suitable for all skin types.

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