GEMSTORY - FOL Car Clip Diffuser Set


They are the perfect way to diffuse essential oils in the car without using a lot of oils, without having vapor disturb you and without the need for power. The diffuser opens up like a locket and comes with a round handmade Lava Stone nublet that you drip your essential oil drops on. The locket is very easy to open and holds closed with a small magnet closure. They are made with 316L stainless steel which is capable of withstanding contact with your essential oils without damaging the locket. There is a small amount of plastic on the clips so they don’t scratch your car’s air vent, and the rest of the product is plastic free. There are holes in the rear of the diffuser as well to allow air flow through.


  • Opens like a locket
  • Sits in the air vent in your car
  • No power required
  • Comes with a handmade Lava stone Nublet
  • Rear Clip Length: 3cm
  • Locket Size: 3cm diameter, 0.5cm deep
  • Weight: approx 26g – 30g
  • Closure: Magnet
  • Made from: 316L stainless steel


Avoid overdripping essential oils on the lava stone within the locket, especially oils with thicker viscosity oils as excessive oils may dry up and result in difficulty in opening the locket.

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