Flat 3 - Scent of Singapura Essential Oil 10ml

by: Flat 3

Between 1819 and 1823, Major-General William Farquhar commissioned unidentified Chinese artists to illustrate local flora and fauna. This project resulted in 477 watercolors of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects found in Malacca and Singapore. Some of these drawings and his contributions inspired the choice of essential oils we used in “Scent of Singapura”.

Made in Singapore


Essential Oils of:

Ginger and Clove

a. Also known as prosperous stimulating oils, to enhance one’s prosperity consciousness of wealth attraction

b. Singapore ports prospered when Farquhar was in charge, attracting traders from all over the world, built on the principles of a free trade status and optimal location

c. These ingredients also represent the spice trade active in Singapore ports in the past

Lime and Lemon

a. Essential Oils with Cleansing and Refreshing properties

b. Farquhar resolved the pest problem by offering commoners rewards (a shilling) for every rat caught, successfully cleansing Singapore of pests, making it a clean and healthy environment for the settlers


a. Also known as coriander or Chinese parsley

b. Helps the person stay centered, alert, positive, creative and confident, to encourage joy, peace and happiness

c. Is the ingredient that completes the scent, providing a rounded and holistic aroma

d. Farquhar was an essential element in the equation, helping Singapore transform from a sleepy fishing village to the prosperous and developed state we are in now. With his foresight, leadership and effective administration, he hired police to keep crime rate under control, attracted businessmen from Malacca to stop and trade in Singapore and arranged Singapore into a neat and tidy city

Scent of Singapura allows consumers to experience the warmth from the ginger and clove, the refreshing properties from the lime and lemon and the earthy tones of the cilantro.


Shake well before use. Add a few drops to your diffuser.

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