Flat 3 - Aroma of Australia Essential Oil 10ml

by: Flat 3

Essential oil blend inspired by natural Australian botanicals and native plants. With carefully hand blended ingredients, this subtle scent will transform your home or office into a relaxing inner sanctum. 

Made in Singapore


Essential Oils of:

  • Eucalyptus - Helps cleanse your body of toxins and harmful micro-organisms that make you feel sick
  • Lemon Myrtle - A refreshing and invigorating oil to help detox and purify. Helps enhance concentration and promote healing to digestive health
  • Tea Tree - Helps with cold ailment, sinusitis, bronchitis and any other respiratory ailments
  • Nerolina - Relaxing, calming and remove bad odour
  • Sandalwood - Promotes mental clarity


Shake well before use. Add a few drops to your diffuser.

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