Flat 3 - Anti Bac Air Sanitiser Essential Oil 10ml

by: Flat 3

Air Sanitiser is specially created to help you fight against microbes, bacteria and fungi in the air around you.

Made in Singapore


Essential Oils of:

  • Eucalyptus - help treat symptoms of colds and the flu, like fever, body pains, and congestion
  • Tea tree - fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is among the most potent antimicrobial essential oils
  • Citronella - has the ability to repel disease-carrying insects, as well as the ability to get rid of certain harmful microbes. It also carries the distinction of being an antibacterial essential oil, while also being antifungal and, in a way, antiviral
  • Lemon - germ-busting properties that make them ideal for getting rid of harmful microbes


Use about 3-5 drops depending on the size of the room and best use with a vaporiser. Do not mix with water as water will dilute its concentration.

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