Eighth Healer - NOURISH Your Overworked Digestion

by: Eighth Healer

We’ve all been there. You overindulged and now your digestion just wants to wallow. Try this blend that eases water retention and gives your tummy a little downtime. 


Black Jujube Dates (Hei Zao) - Greater in its tonifying aspect than its red cousin, Hei Zao replenishes qi and nourishes the blood to restore energy, stamina and balance. It also treats digestive and skin issues.

Roselle (Lou Shen Hua) - Also known as Hibiscus flower, Lou Shen Hua is of great benefit in many folk medicine traditions. It aids digestion, promotes appetite and fluid production, and counteracts heatiness.

Sickle Senna Seed (Jue Ming Zi) - Jue Ming Zi clears heat, soothing the eyes and lubricating the intestines. A modern essential for its promising effect on high cholesterol, hypertension, poor sleep quality and constipation.

Lotus Leaf (He Ye) - Distinctive and aromatic, He Ye is popular is Chinese medicine and cuisine for its neutral properties. It clears heat and excess dampness associated with water retention and weight gain.

How to Drink:

Brew in 250ml of hot water for 15 mins. Steep multiple times until flavour is exhausted.

Net Weight:

8±g x 10 sachets


Before drinking, consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have an existing medical condition. Not suitable for people suffering from hyperacidity.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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