Eco Biz - Herbaholic Pain Relief Herbal Spray

by: Eco Biz

Holistic. Organic. Aromatic. 

This product is made in Thailand using Chinese, local herbs and years of knowledge. The Herbal properties help relieve muscle tension promote overall relaxation. 

100% Natural Ingredients. 

Great for the relief of tight muscles, stiff neck, back and knee pain.  

Effective for stomach aches (from menstrual cramps) and can be used for insect bites as the Herbal properties detoxify the insects toxin.  

Can be used on the head, neck, shoulder, back, arms, foot, knee, etc.  

Spray form helps you to get to hard-to-reach spots.  


Plai: Muscle inflammation, Rheumatism.

Chinese Mixed Herbs:

  • Chuanxiong: Blood circulation
  • Dong Quai: Blood tonic, swelling, bruises.
  • Safflower: Heart disease, chest pain, breathing problem( atheroscierosis).

Clove Essential Oil

No perfume added. Made in Thailand

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