Candescent Box - Premium Reed Diffusers

by: Candescent Box


50 Shades of Grey: Cedar Wood + Bergamot + Mandarin + Lime

Be Calm: Lemongrass + Green Tea

Be Mine: Juicy Pear + Freesia + Cedar Wood

Koala Kiss: Eucalyptus + Lemon + Tea Tree

Lychee Peony: Peony Petals + Lychee + Jasmine

Summer Love: Lime + Basil + Mandarin

Net Volume: 

200ml (Duration: It will last around 3 months)


  1. Unscrew the bottle lid and remove the stopper. Insert reeds into the container and flip them once.
  2. Allow the reeds to gradually draw up the aroma oil and slowly emanate fragrance oil in the room.
  3. Flip reed occasionally to refresh the scent. For a more subtle fragrance or a small space, use fewer reeds. Fragrance oil may keep up to 8-12 weeks depending on surroundings. Evaporation will occur more quickly in hot, dry conditions.
  4. Ideally, put 3-4 reed sticks so that the fragrance oil will not be absorbed too quickly.


Clean immediately if the liquid touches any surface or skin. Always handle with care. Keep out of reach from children and pets.


Candescent Box was founded by mother-daughter duos, Zainab & Amira who enjoys doing what they love together. Their love for candles made them start this journey as they believed in making candles that is eco-friendly, safe and pleasant to burn. 

They are an independent start up primarily selling home fragrances such as scented soy candles and reed diffusers which they design and create on our own.

As they pride themselves in being eco-friendly, the candles they create are made from natural soy which has been proven to last 50% longer, not give out toxic fumes and having no detrimental effects on others compared to the mass market paraffin candles. Their candles are hand poured in Singapore made from premium soy wax imported from international countries like U.S and Australia giving it a unique, international scent.

For the reed diffusers, they believe in using high quality diffuser base that provides a superior scent throw for the reed diffusers when combined with fragrance oils.

There are NO phthalates, parabens, sulfates, additives or animal testing included to Candescent Box products. Their fragrances are a combination of essential oils, natural components that are extracted from plants or flowers and synthetic components are manufactured from man-made materials. Some of our fragrances contain synthetic ingredients to optimize a good scent throw.

Hand poured with love in Singapore and crafted in small batches to ensure quality.

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