CAMELLIA - Premium Cassia


The uplifting sensation is treasured from this bold tea. It is known to be the pinnacle of all exquisites.

Roast 焙火    OOO

Aroma 香气    OOOOO

Body 厚度   OOO

(Intensity: O to OOOOO)


CAMELLIA茗岩® is a Singapore tea retailer and wholesaler that brings the accessibility of premium tea. They are specialised in Wuyi rock oolong, once an imperial tribute tea that is perceived to be the benchmark for excellence. By sourcing directly from farms and keeping close ties with the craft inheritance masters, quality is assured. All loose leaf teas are thoughtfully grown, harvested and crafted strictly in Wuyi Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dedicated to enhance biodiversity, is reputable for its microclimates and mineral-rich volcanic soil.

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