ArtsToU - Small Stationery Box Cherish - Red

by: Arts To U

“Cherish the Moment” Series

  • Size: W 8.5cm x L 19cm x H 3.5cm
  • Design with Artwork: “Cherish the Moment” by Edmund Chen Zhi Cai

The World’s Longest Drawing created by Edmund was the first and only individual artwork to be certified by 3 organisations on 29 July 2013 for its world record length of 601.255 metres:

  • Guinness World Records
  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research
  • Records Book of Singapore

The drawing was done at a speed of 1 metre every 10 minutes resulting in a 650 metre freehand “tapestry” depicting thousands of beautiful pond live images.  This featured section was specially selected and touched up by Edmund.  “Cherish the Moment” comprises 4 images representing the 4 seasons.  These images have been reprinted and contributed to various organisations and charities for their fund-raising initiatives.


Arts To U is a closet storyteller at heart. We love the arts and what our local artists do and eagerly want to share what they do best to others who will love them too. We adore the little stories about Singapore together with these talented artists. We encapsulate unique stories into limited edition original art merchandise.

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