ArtsToU - Business Card Box Dragon Playground - Red

by: Arts To U

Singapore Heritage series

  • Size: W 7.5cm x L 11cm x H 3.5cm
  • Design with artwork: Dragon Playground by Singaporean artist, William Sim
  • Lacquered (15-20 layers)

The iconic Dragon Playground in Toa Payoh is of the earliest playgrounds designed by the Housing & Development Board in 1979. The dragon design featured a larger head tiled with terrazzo and tiles, as well as a body of colourfully-painted steel rings for children to slide or climb through. The use of terrazzo tiles produced a mosaic aesthetic that remains loved decades after the dragon playground’s construction.


Arts To U is a closet storyteller at heart. We love the arts and what our local artists do and eagerly want to share what they do best to others who will love them too. We adore the little stories about Singapore together with these talented artists. We encapsulate unique stories into limited edition original art merchandise.

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